Monday, October 29, 2012

Cover Reveal~The Jaguar Sun

Once again I am thanking my lucky stars that Muse It Up has garnered the talent of so many wonderful cover artists!

Drum Roll please....

Marion Sipe did an outstanding job capturing all the main elements in The Jaguar Sun. Simply beautiful and I love it!
Thank you Marion!

To see all the other 'truly inspired' artists works from Muse It Up Publishing's Cover Art Team go here:


Nancy M Bell said...

I love it! Absolutely perfect! Congrats ladies!


S. Durham Author said...

Nancy! Isn't it just perfect! Marion really captured it didn't she:)

Thanks for stopping by!

Cheers, Sara

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

Very lovely, indeed! It's beautiful!!!

S. Durham Author said...

Hi Renee!

Thanks for stopping by! Yes it really is just what it should be:)

LKF said...

I love the cover. Congrats.

S. Durham Author said...

Thanks Lynda! And thanks for taking the time to stop by:)

Anonymous said...

Love the cover! It is amazing!

S. Durham Author said...


Thanks for stopping by! I agree Marion designed an amazing cover:)